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Your Cup o' -- Thanksgiving- an Inspirational Quote
November 23, 2006
Dear friend,

Today's quote is from Joseph T. Nolan. I ran across it while searching for Thanksgiving prayers. It caught me by surprise, and the more I read it, the more I like it:

Lord, help me to have fun. Iím asking you because a God who invented butterflies and ducks must know something about it.

Remind me to have a good time. Let me spend money as well as save it, and spend it on someone beside myself.

I would feast as well as fast, change water into wine, and each day rediscover that you have crammed the earth with surprises.

God of joy, give me your good Spirit! God of harmony, let me dance to the rhythms of your world! I think you have a good time with your creation. You pour out the oceans from your cup and roll them like a bowling ball into the shore. You beat out the sun, while the stars fell in showers from your hammer. You put the hummingbird together and tossed an eagle into the air. When the planets are dull you watch the children swing to the top of the trees.

Lord of the rainbow and the redwood, I canít take in all five rings of your circus. Give me more than five senses and one time around. Lord, I want to enjoy life.

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